Faith No More and The Who

So Faith No More's new album is available to stream via NPR. So far on my first play through I am sold. I can't wait to finally see them live in a few months.

Speaking of seeing someone live, The Who have been announced as the Sunday Pyramid headliner at Glastonbury. I am so excited for this. One of the biggest bands ever on one of the biggest stages during their final tour. What more could I ask for? I suppose I could ask for them to not be put up against The Chemical Brothers, but it seems that is a likely scenario. Sadness.

Glastonbury 2015: We Have a Line-Up

The Glastonbury Festival finally announced their initial 2015 lineup. Even without announcing the Sunday night headliner, this is shaping up to be the best festival lineup that I will have ever gone to. The rumors have anyone from Taylor Swift to The Stone Roses filling that final slot. I'm personally hoping for The Prodigy but who knows.

Of the bands announced, these are the ones that I am looking forward to the most. I fear there is going to be a lot of conflicts this time. Foo Fighters, Run The Jewels, Paloma Faith, Motorhead, The Chemical Brothers, Florence & The Machine, Alabama Shakes, Charli XCX, Deadmou5.

June can't get here soon enough.