I was born in Alabama back in the dark ages of the early 1980’s. Some 30+ years later I find myself in the dark ages of the early 2010’s in Alabama. Only now I am able to occasionally escape the wonderful yet backward state of Alabama and head to exotic locations such as Atlanta and Nashville to indulge in various shenanigans.

I tend to spend the majority of my time sleeping and working, but when I’m not doing those things I can be found at Auburn football games, Nashville Predators hockey games, music festivals, heavy metal shows, the more sketchy places on the Internet, and just being quite terrible at women.

What can you expect from me here? Well you can expect sporadic posts about things I feel I should take the time to write about with poor spelling and grammar. I do occasionally get in the "I'm going to start posting regular content" mood and post a lot more in a short span of time, but that is usually quickly replaced with the "bah, I'll do it later" mood and there won't be content for six months. So in short you are getting occasional poorly written posts about things that aren't really worth writing about in the first place, which is very me. Welcome to Meadiocrity.

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