Amalie Bruun 😍

Amalie Bruun - Photo by Stig Nygaard

Amalie Bruun - Photo by Stig Nygaard

I think I might be in love. Meet Amalie Bruun. She is a Danish musician and model. The model part is easy explain. I mean look at her. She is beautiful. She has what you would call the look of a model. So yes she is very pretty, but that's not why I might be in love with her.

If I told you that she sings in a pop group that probably wouldn't surprise you. There are plenty of models and actresses that have crossed over in to pop music and vice-versa. She is in fact the vocalist of a pop band called Ex Cops. She has a great voice. They are really good. There is a video below.

If I told you that she plays many instruments you could believe that as well. Anybody who works hard at it can be a really good multi-instrumentalist. She has and she is. She has contributed music to her own solo work as well as collaborating with other musicians.

Now if I told you that she was the woman behind Myrkur, a one-woman black metal band that released a critically acclaimed album last year, could you believe that? Would you believe that? Well you should.

There are people that question her credibility in the black metal world, but it is a world she has always loved. She has said that she is a "black metal girl at heart". And, as evidenced by her self-titled EP and full-length album, M, she is exceptional at making metal music as well.

Amalie is taking pop music and metal music and being a bad-ass at both. She is an amazing talent I can't wait to see what the future holds for Ex Cop and Myrkur. I hope I get the chance to see both live.