My Great British Adventure: Day 1

Clearly I am in over my head. My second trip ever that requires me to fly I decide to make it international and go to Great Britain. Oh and just to make it fun I figured I'd go it alone. Well my first flying experience to and from Brunei went just about as well as I could have gone considering the distance and number of layovers. This time around I paid for that good fortune. 

My London trip started out with a thud due to a three and a half hour weather delay in Huntsville. The plane that was going to be used for my HSV-ATL leg had to circle HSV so long that it had to fly over to Chattanooga to refuel. Luckily once we got off the ground in Huntsville everything was smooth sailing from there. I smartly gave myself a 5 hour layover in Atlanta because I knew that this would be the trip that had problems. 

The flight from ATL to LHR was rather lackluster. I guess the coolest bits were flying over the large US cities at night. Seeing the lights from DC, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston was very cool. Glad the weather cooperated with me in that instance. 

So I arrived in London around 10:30 BST which gave me the better part of the day to just wander around London a bit. So far I have gotten on the wrong tube train once, gotten lost in this confusing mess that London calls a road network twice, and came thisclose to getting run over several times.  Thankfully I loaded up my phone with a half dozen map apps and Underground maps so the getting lost thing worked itself out with the aid of technology. Unfortunately they haven't developed an app that will remind me that they drive on the other side of the road over here. Eventually I will figure out which way to look for traffic when I cross the road.

Anyway I guess I really need to be getting to bed. It is 11:30 at night as I am writing this and tomorrow is a big day. I'll be visiting Windsor, Stonehenge, and Bath. So I'll be breaking out the camera and getting my tourist on.

View of the London Eye and Parliament from Waterloo Bridge.