My Great British Adventure: Day 2

After getting very little sleep last night I was up by 5:30AM to get ready for an extremely busy day of tourism. I headed out around 7:15 and caught an overcrowded, hot, and smelly tube train (yay morning rush in London) to Victoria Station and made the quick walk over to Victoria Coach Station where I caught my Premium Tours double-decker coach.

A garden in the moat

Our first stop was Windsor Castle. The first thing I looked for was the flag flying from the castle. It was the Royal Standard which means that the Queen is home.  Learned that from Stephen Fry and QI. The second thing I noticed was the people. The nice weather had brought the crowds out. The castle was crawling with people. According to our guide it was one of the busiest days he has seen. 

The exterior of Windsor Castle is beautiful, the garden in the dry moat was really nice, I enjoyed the tour of the interior much better. Sadly they wouldn't allow any photography inside the building. Which is a shame because the collection of treasures, art, weaponry and armor were quite amazing. I could have spent all day just looking at the swords and armor, but we were only there for a couple hours so I had to move on fairly quickly to make sure I saw as much as I could.

I was inside the State Apartments when the changing of the guard started. I did manage to get outside for the very end of it. With the ceremony and precision of the whole thing, it is a work of art itself. Extremely cool.

With that my time at the castle was over. It was a very interesting place and I would recommend anyone who is visiting London to take a trip over to Windsor and check it out. 

We grabbed a bite to eat at a near by pub. After lunch I wandered around the town for about half an hour. Real nice place. Plenty of shops and pubs to keep you busy for a day. But I didn't have a day and the place was crowded. 

At 12:30ish everyone made their way back to the bus and we set off for Bath. I honestly think I enjoyed the rides as much as the actual stops. The British countryside is staggeringly beautiful on a beautiful day. It seemed to become more beautiful as we got off the Motorway and on to the A46 heading in to Bath.

I will admit that our stop is Bath was probably my favorite of the day. When we arrived our guide took us on a brief walk by the oldest house in Bath, which which is dated 1482, and on to the abby churchyard where we all broke off to be left to our own devices for the next couple hours. 

I headed straight for The Roman Baths. The museum was full of all sorts of ancient finds from the Roman Bath site. The museum brings you down below street level where it winds its way around the hot springs and bath. The place was very interesting. Plus it was the first every Roman ruin that I had ever seen.

Once out of The Roman Baths I strolled around the town for a bit. I absolutely loved the place. The Georgian architecture around the city was absolutely beautiful. This was only enhanced by the very talented musicians that were playing walkways and courtyards. There were tons of places to shop, eat, and see. The city just has a wonderful vibe to it. If I ever get the chance to come back to England I am going to make sure to spend a couple days there. It was really wonderful.

Sadly we did have to leave Bath. So we boarded the bus and headed through some more staggeringly beautiful country side. This time we stuck to the A roads and stayed away from motorways. The journey was a little over an hour of twisting around hills with amazing views and scenery.  Absolutely beautiful.

We arrived at Stonehenge shortly after 5PM. This was nice because most of the tours had left and there wasn't that bad of a crowd. This made it quite peaceful. If you do get the chance to see Stonehenge try to time for later in the afternoon as this place is much better with the birds providing the soundtrack.

We only were able to spend about 45 minutes at Stonehenge before heading back to London. I couldn't tell you much about the trip back as I was drifting in and out of sleep. I was a pretty tuckered out little boy by the end of the day. 

So in short it was a great day tour of three fantastic historical placs. I just wish I had more time at all three stops. Hopefully one day I will be able to come back to England and see them all again on at my own pace.